Bakery Business

One often overlooked aspect of running a bakery business is the attention to detail that’s given to smaller, simpler items, such as carry-out bags and window bakery boxes. While consideration for things such as these might not be a top priority for many business owners, they certainly should be. As more and more businesses are discovering the value of aesthetics and the need to make an impression on their customers in unique ways, one simply can’t afford not to pay attention to the finer details – even if that might only be something as simple as reevaluating the seemingly mundane and unsurprising window bakery boxes.

Window Bakery Boxes

When you think about it, the last memorable impression you’ll be able to give to your customers is the one they’ll see when they arrive home with their box full of fresh-baked goodies. No longer inebriated by the warm atmosphere of your inviting family-style bakery, the customer will be left with a few humble window bakery boxes to remind them of their experience there. The question that you have to ask yourself at this point is what you would like to have those window bakery boxes say about you.

Think back to when you were a child, just waking up from a lazy afternoon nap. Entirely to your surprise, you soon discover the sweet scent of warm chocolate chip cookies, freshly pulled from the oven, waltzing its way into your room, tickling the very edge of your nose with delight. What if that very same feeling could be evoked by simply dedicating more time to the design of your window bakery boxes?

While most bakeries will opt for simple diamond-patterned window bakery boxes, or perhaps even the duller plain cardboard look, the feelings they evoke from their customers will be equally as trite. To put it simply, it’s very difficult to look at a brown cardboard box and think about all the wonders of grandma’s kitchen – the thrill of licking the last bit of brownie batter off a wooden spoon – and build up a craving for what’s inside that box. More importantly, all the enthusiasm you worked so hard to build up within the walls of your atmospherically enchanting bakery will resolve itself to a lonely shadow of the customer’s mind, not soon to be rekindled.

On the other hand, if that same customer can peer down onto those window bakery boxes and see the likeness of Grandma Sally smiling back at her, it’d be hard not to take a brief escape down memory lane, simultaneously lifting the impression of your business, even if it had nothing at all to do with Grandma Sally’s famous cookie recipe. Or, perhaps when the customer is staring down at their newly acquired window bakery boxes, they’ll find a tantalizing array of delicious pastries staring back up at them, printed in exquisite detail. Alternatively, you could opt to include a picture of your very own bakery, or even a black and white photo of the business’s founding years, to help solidify your organization’s impression as the go-to place for delicious baked goods in the customer’s mind.

Now that you’ve been exposed to the kind of wonderful possibilities even window bakery boxes can possess, maybe it’s time to reconsider your own business’s commitment to the finer details?