Supplies You Need to Start a Bakery

If you enjoy spending all day baking delicious pastries and breads, then you might be planning to start a bakery. Equipment is a major part of start-up costs. Make a list of the supplies you need so you can shop clearance sales or lease commercial equipment from a bakery supplier.


Bakeries need at least two floor mixers, one for bread dough and one for everything else. This is because bread dough takes longer to mix and uses different paddles than other bakery foods. You need multiple mixing bowls to continue working while one set is in the dishwasher.


Bread needs time to rise after mixing. Traditional recipes require several hours in a warm place. Proofers are large boxes with racks that hold multiple loaves of bread. They maintain a constant temperature and are free of drafts. This combination reduces rising time considerably.

Commercial Ovens

Commercial ovens have several racks for large-scale baking. Most modern styles are convection ovens since they reduce actual baking time. Bakeries usually have separate ovens for breads and pastries. Breads take longer to bake and might not rise properly if the door is opened every few minutes to retrieve pastries.

Baking Pans and Racks

Buy baking pans for cakes, cookies, pies, tarts, and bread. Choose cooling racks with adjustable shelves so they can double as storage when you work in a display case. Metal wheels are best since you will be moving them all day from the oven to the display cases.

Display Cases

Display cases entice customers to buy more of your delicious goodies while separating the customer and employee areas. A solid top partially impedes the view but gives you a sturdy work surface for tying boxes or resting a tray while you unload its contents. A glass top gives full view of the pastries but scratches with repeated use.

Work Tables

You need a place to roll out dough, cut cookies, assemble ingredients and decorate cakes. The number of work tables you need depends on available space and number of employees.


Bakeries need utensils for measuring and blending ingredients, scraping bowls, lifting pastries, decorating cakes, slicing bread and the many other steps when processing a large quantity of food in a short period of time. Make a list of supplies as you read each recipe you plan to bake.